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Microsoft As Bill Gates promised earlier this week during his last public speech as chairman of Microsoft at TechEd 2008, the company has released the second beta of Silverlight 2, Microsoft's Flash competitor. Silverlight 2 beta 2 comes as a 4.66MB download, but as Ars Technica already noted, the Silverlight homepage has not yet been changed to reflect the new release, but there is a changelog that details many of the changes in this release. The Mac OS X version has not yet been released.
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RE[3]: No thanks Microsoft
by wanker90210 on Sat 7th Jun 2008 20:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No thanks Microsoft"
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I would agree with the Netscape 4 comparison if it was flash 8 you were talking about. In Flash 9 they have cleaned up the data model quite a lot and AS3 is a big step forward. AS3 still isn't a beautiful language but it's getting there. It's not painful to code in anymore and executes in a decent speed.

Flash 10 has h/w support for rendering and 3d. This will (probably/hopefully) make flash a viable VM for other things than annoying ad-banners.

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