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Benchmarks Green, power reduction, and climate change are all the rage these days, and the world of computers is not off the hook on this one. Software and hardware manufacturers are trying hard to keep power consumption down - while first something for mostly mobile computers, desktops and servers are now part of the effort too. PC World tested Windows Server 2008 and two Linux server offerings and compared their power usage patterns.
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RE: Power saving
by h3rman on Tue 10th Jun 2008 19:44 UTC in reply to "Power saving"
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Having strong battery life just makes for good laptop and battery sales.

Power saving for desktops and servers just makes them cheaper to run. Less power consumption means having to pay out less in bills.

But doing things for "going green" or "climate change" is bunch of garbage perpetrated by fascists and all the liberal nonsense. Being environmentally-friendly is a good thing, but doing anything because of "climate change" or for "global warming", is an invalid argument continuously poured out by crazy liberals who don't think for themself and do not question all scientific evidence before deciding for themself if they even believe it exsists or not.

Well, you're right, but for the wrong reasons.
"Climate change" is a hoax, not because it's not there, but because there is literally *NOTHING* that one can do about it. The CO2 is simply there, no way to bring it down.
But there is a valid reason to cut the use of energy. And that is called Peak Oil. It's fairly simple, actually, the cheap oil is running out (not, "the oil is running out"). This affects oil *AND* food prices everywhere now.

The reason the climate change hoax is promoted is to put the public safely to sleep and create an issue that people can debate on while the establishment is out for real business.
Because in the end, nobody gives a [peep] about "climate change". And everybody knows that, still it's nice to give people in the opposition, who have nothing to do anyway, some toys.

See what happens in the US - finally people start buying the cars most of the rest of the world drives. The somewhat less greedy-for-gas type. Not because of Al Gore's Sermons, but because of Uncle Sam's Clams.

But I do think that you, as well, have been caught by the distraction, because not only is the climate change thing a hoax, the "there is no CO2 problem" controversy it ITSELF a hoax too.

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