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Gnome The KDE project saw the writing on the wall. They saw that they had reached a certain limit when it came to what could be done with the KDE 3.x series - they named it the "big friggin' wall", and decided that in order to get over that wall, incremental updates wouldn't do - they needed massive changes, a big jump, and they went for it. It's been a rough road, but it seems as if KDE 4.1 is showing signs of the vision becoming a reality. And it now seems as if several people within the GNOME community are seeing the writing on the wall too: GNOME 2.x has reached its goal - now what?
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RE: "Exciting"?
by Noremacam on Wed 11th Jun 2008 13:26 UTC in reply to ""Exciting"?"
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Ditto Ditto Ditto! The fact the article argues against the HIG(as though exciting-ness somehow trumps usability), made me roll my eyes.

I love gnome just the way it is, and I love the incremental improvements. The fact it gets the job done and gets the heck out of my way is it's greatest testament.

I don't do much programming lately, but if I understand gtk to be difficult to program for, and has a too limited toolkit, then I'd love to see a gtk 3, if nothing more than to potentially increase the number and quality of gnome applications. But I don't want my desktop radically changed around just because the old way isn't flashy enough. In my opinion, the HIG isn't broken and doesn't need fixed.

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RE[2]: "Exciting"?
by ephracis on Wed 11th Jun 2008 15:17 in reply to "RE: "Exciting"?"
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I've said it before and I am saying it again: incremental releases are not enough for ever. You need to brake API sometime. As I feel it, GTK+ has one big limitation from growing: it's API. It needs a break.

I love Gnome for it's beauty and elegance, something that made me switch from KDE to Gnome not so long ago. But the problem when developing for Gnome and GTK is the limitations in the old API. When working with QT4 you feel that Trolltech knows what you want and gives you the tools. Just look at Qt 4.4 and how we finally get widgets inside the Graphics View, something that was much needed when working with Plasma for KDE4.

There are stuff that you CANNOT implement if you stay by the old API. Just plain simple. So I vote for a break, soon.

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