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Opera Software Opera 9.5 has been released, beating Firefox 3.0 to the punch which is supposed to be released soon as well. The marketing speak: "Opera's cross-device expertise, support for open Web standards and commitment to speed and performance culminate to create the most powerful Opera browser yet. Making its desktop debut in Opera 9.5, Opera Link blurs the boundaries between computers and mobile phones by enabling a seamless Web experience from device to device." Get it from
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RE: New skin is terrible
by joekiser on Thu 12th Jun 2008 13:39 UTC in reply to "New skin is terrible"
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I just upgraded, and it kept Dimple as my default skin when the browser reloaded. So far, this is feeling a bit faster than before. The only problems I had were that the placement of the New Tab button changed, and the search engine for the Speed Dial page changed from Google to Easy fixes. I'm liking the new drop-down list in the URL bar.

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