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KDE Probably the most often misunderstood element of KDE4 is Plasma, the extensive widget engine that replaces the normal desktop and the Kicker panel from KDE 3.x. The entire KDE4 desktop is built up out of Plasmoids (yet another term for desk accessory), including the panel and the desktop itself - and it is the latter that has been causing quite some confusion. Where are my desktop icons? Update: Aaron Seigo has published a screencast showing how the FolderView Plasmoid behaves as a normal desktop, and how to make it so.
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by aseigo on Mon 16th Jun 2008 17:11 UTC
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"All that's left to do now is rename Nepomuk to something that doesn't sound like it would make children cry, and it's all set."

ahahahahaha... thanks for the good belly laugh. you have no idea how many times i've felt compelled to apologize for that name when presenting kde4 in front of a crowd ;)

it actually wasn't chosen by people in the kde project, but it still doesn't make it any better =P

hopefully our users will just come to know it as "that tagging and social networking thing that's in all those programs.." and not have to deal with crying children ;)

oh, btw, i put up a screen cast about using folderview full screen (aka "traditional desktop style") today; links to the ogg and youtube versions are here:

update: and as i was posting this, you included an update in the story with the screencast link. doh! thanks =)

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RE: whee
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 16th Jun 2008 17:12 in reply to "whee"
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oh, btw, i put up a screen cast today; links to the ogg and youtube versions are here:

I added that one in an update here faster than you could post that comment ;) .

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