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KDE Probably the most often misunderstood element of KDE4 is Plasma, the extensive widget engine that replaces the normal desktop and the Kicker panel from KDE 3.x. The entire KDE4 desktop is built up out of Plasmoids (yet another term for desk accessory), including the panel and the desktop itself - and it is the latter that has been causing quite some confusion. Where are my desktop icons? Update: Aaron Seigo has published a screencast showing how the FolderView Plasmoid behaves as a normal desktop, and how to make it so.
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RE[5]: great
by shapeshifter on Mon 16th Jun 2008 20:41 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: great"
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Just read these comments and you will get what I mean:

What I get from the comments is:

1. You're a brown nosed ass kisser

2. KDE 4 was released with even the most basic functionality not finished.
Like desktop icons that save their position on the desktop between sessions and context menus.

3. Seeing how much is missing and that it takes a while to iron out bugs after the missing features are added, it'll take quite a few releases to call it stable release.

4. And from the screen shots, it looks like a bad attempt of a 6 year old trying to copy Vista look.
There was nothing wrong with the silver-blue theming from KDE 3.5.x so why the sudden change to this black, Vista like crap.

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RE[6]: great
by SlackerJack on Mon 16th Jun 2008 22:20 in reply to "RE[5]: great"
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I understand people seeing it as a Vista look being black with widgets but what most people dont know is Nuno likes black.

Plasma's default theme in 4.1 is black panels which fade to the corners more solid, dont know about you but thats about as close as it gets to looking like Vista.

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