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Mozilla & Gecko clones Any minute now, the Mozilla Foundation will officially release the third incarnation of their successful Firefox web browser - the browser that cracked Internet Explorer's monopoly and forced Microsoft to improve IE. Mozilla aims to set a world record in most software downloaded in 24 hours with Firefox 3. Update: It's out there, boys and girls. Update II: And the Firefox 3 page is up too.
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FreeBSD ports
by Thomas2005 on Tue 17th Jun 2008 14:38 UTC
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How long will it take to get into the FreeBSD ports tree? I thought about installing Firefox 3 while it was in beta because it was getting good reviews, but the ports tree is still at 3.0.a2_3,1

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RE: FreeBSD ports
by dindin on Tue 17th Jun 2008 14:46 in reply to "FreeBSD ports"
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Probably in a week and then spend another day compiling it ;) (if there are no issues)

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RE: FreeBSD ports
by mezz on Tue 17th Jun 2008 15:13 in reply to "FreeBSD ports"
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We have newer Firefox (rc3) in MC ports and ports-stable modules. Yesterday, I have been work for several hours to move from ports to ports-stable and sync'ed with FreeBSD ports tree. I think it's ready for me to give a headup sometime today and ask users to test ports-stable module in MC. I just need to clean up in ports module first.

The reason why firefox-devel is out of date in FreeBSD ports tree is that it forces us to bring in newer cairo, poppler and pixmap. These are required to be test first to make sure these ports don't break other ports. A lot and lot of ports depend on pixmap and cairo, so we have to be caution. Keep your eyes in freebsd-gnome@ mailing list for one of our headup when ports-stable module is ready if anyone doesn't want to have GNOME development (2.23.x) from ports module.

When will Firefox 3 merging into FreeBSD ports tree? Well, depend on how our test process goes well (when it's done).

ports module = Firefox 3 stuff and GNOME developement
ports-stable module = only Firefox 3 stuff

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RE[2]: FreeBSD ports
by Thomas2005 on Tue 17th Jun 2008 15:48 in reply to "RE: FreeBSD ports"
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Thank you for the information. I do not use the GNOME desktop, but my system is gtk-based using Fluxbox, so I just need Firefox. I have lived this long without Firefox 3 so I can survive a few more days/weeks before it gets into the ports tree.

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