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Microsoft The NextGen PC Design Competition is a competition set up by Microsoft to allow people to design their idea of the next generation computer. "Influence tomorrow's digital lifestyle with your vision of the Next-Gen PC. Change the way people pursue their passions by designing the ultimate Next-Gen Windows-based PC. Give them everything they need to do what they love, easily, powerfully, and enjoyably. Introduce the Next-Gen PC. It's your design."
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I didn't mean being limited on what operating systems you can use, but the capabilities of the OS of choice itself limiting the design.

Then again if they meant "windows" as in some imaginary not yet developed windows version, then it would indeed not matter.

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Windows does not limit it's design in any way. If anything, it's going to push requirements up, so if you decide to run something else on it, say Debian, that things probably going to fly. Also, there will be drivers available for the widest range of hardware, so I can't see how you come to that conclusion.

Plus it's a contest put on by MS, if somebody want a contest to build the Next Gen PC using OSS software, they can start their own.

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