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SuSE, openSUSE A new major release of Novell's community-supported distro openSUSE 11 is now available and can be downloaded from the mirrors. Linux Format has a hands-on look at the new installer, SLAB menu and Compiz Fusion, and weighs up whether the distro can fight competition from Ubuntu and Fedora. Is this the start of a new era for SUSE?
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This is not a review...
by Anonymous Penguin on Fri 20th Jun 2008 05:54 UTC
Anonymous Penguin
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2005-07-06 is a rant.

However, there just aren't the stand out features that put OpenSUSE up above the likes of Fedora and Ubuntu. Whereas Fedora is currently going through an overdue refresh of its configuration tools, and Ubuntu adds nice touches here and there, OpenSUSE just delivers more of the same...

...The distro world is a lot more competitive nowadays, and OpenSUSE needs to come up with a significant selling point if there is to be any real take up amongst the Linux faithful.

Compare it with what Ladislav of DistroWatch said:

OpenSUSE 11.0, one of the most technologically advanced distribution releases the Linux world has ever seen

I don't know who this Andrew Hudson is, but certainly Ladislav knows one thing or two about Linux distributions.

the accusation that Fedora is simply a beta for Red Hat Enterprise Linux pales into insignificance when you compare OpenSUSE 11.0 with SLED or SLES. We'd argue that OpenSUSE is simply an open beta for SLED, much more so than Fedora. At least Fedora has found a real niche for itself in the Linux world, whilst OpenSUSE is still struggling to find a definite identity away from its Novell roots

Now this is simply preposterous. Does this man know that SUSE existed long before being bought by Novell and it was a much loved desktop distro? "OpenSUSE is still struggling to find a definite identity away from its Novell roots"? Does this man know what the heck he is talking about? Novell roots? Very little changed in the identity of this old Linux distribution after being bought by Novell, except that now it is also freely available, and before Novell acquisition SUSE was maybe slightly more stable (but innovation was much slower).

I won't even mention that a comparison with Fedora doesn't stand: openSUSE is a proper, complete desktop distro, Fedora is not, it misses too many features to be one. And in any case Red Hat doesn't believe in Desktop Linux.

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RE: This is not a review...
by Anonymous Penguin on Fri 20th Jun 2008 21:13 in reply to "This is not a review..."
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I want to add something.
I don't know how this man can complain about YaST.
I have been saying for years now that YaST is the best "control panel" of any OS, bar none (so forget about configuration tools of other Linux distros). There is virtually nothing you can't do within a nice GUI.
But on the other hand you can work from the CLI if you prefer.

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RE[2]: This is not a review...
by satan666 on Fri 20th Jun 2008 21:59 in reply to "RE: This is not a review..."
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I was an OpenSuse user once (before they became the Judas of Linux community) and I found Yast the slowest tool I ever used. It took hours to update 1 or 2 packages. The CPU was 100% the whole time. Horrible tool.

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