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3D News, GL, DirectX Yesterday, we reported on the statement several kernel developers had signed that urged hardware manufacturers to open up their Linux modules and drivers. "We, the undersigned Linux kernel developers, consider any closed-source Linux kernel module or driver to be harmful and undesirable," the statement read. Nvidia, which delivers probably the most prominent closed-source Linux driver, has reiterated its position concerning this matter.
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nvidia produces drivers for solaris and freebsd, ati doesn't.

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ATI released their specs to help 'open-source-freaks' to stop moaning constantly... I cannot understand : people needs binary drivers to run their computer, not a source code in text file format that won't help much displaying anything on screen :/


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People need a stable driver working CONSISTENTLY among various kernel versions, distros and hardware configurations. After a fight with my (quite old) NVidia 7600 card and its binary driver (on a still uncommon 64-bit/8GB system) I got back to OSS (plain 2D) driver, ceasing 3D completely in order to have a stable system. Graphic driver was the only binary-only part of my system and the only source of problems. And a major source of pain when upgrading.

The only way to get a device stable among various distros is to put driver code into mainline kernel and release full hardware documentation. Given enough eyes looking at it (and enough time from getting full docs to squash all bugs), community will fix the problem by itself. Just look how well Matrox cards are supported on Linux.

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Oh guess what. Binary code is compiled source code ^^
So actually users take advantage of a quality source code something that nvidia simple can not provide ;)
The easy use of their drivers are nothing more than years of winnings from linux users (u prbbly werent around old times) and of course package managers that make the more than the half job done.

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It's why all those programs out there are available as tar.gz. Write once, compile and run across the linux distros, BSDs and any other platform with Make and the base libraries available.

Of course you need a binary to run the bits but you need source first to get the binary.

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Just to make things clear, as obviously someone has taken offense from the truth (live with it, yet nVidia don't release their source code) : nVidia invest a load of money into research & development, which turns into propritary hardware, which is driven with the suitable software. Don't fell offended, it the way it works, period. *IF* nVidia drives 95% of their revenu from the Windows market, it's pretty normal their concentrate 95% of their efforts on that market. But since all OSS noobs wants everything for free, holding up the GPL as a possible treat, I bet that you (me) guys gets only what we paid for. Remind me, what have you paid for your driver ? 5% of the market share ? So that's pretty normal it works at 5% of its full capabilities...

NOoooooOW if you're interrested into a customizable open-hardware, a customizable open-software, just F*****G do it, *ALL* of it ! I already told complaining people to focus on the project that, well, exists for quite a long time now (on the computer scale) and haven't benefited much from the "ImpreSSSSSive Linux geeks horse-power", otherwise its openess would have allowed something matching the latests nVidia and/or AMD/ATI specs ! Think about it, the night when you fell asleep...

I'll conclude that *IF* the world would be so much of a wonderful place if everything was free, I ask you : where are the free computers ? where are the free cars ? where are the free homes ? why wouldn't everyone just work for free then ? After all, free plans are available from various places (scans from P2P, ...) and everybody ain't that stupid. So why aren't there more 'free hardware' running out there ? Think about it, twice, the night when you fell asleep...

So I recommand you, when you switch from a supported plateform (Windows, Mac OSX, ...) to so various unknown systems, just check that it is supported by your hardware vendor. Don't complain afterward, it's useless... You won't take nVidia into hostage, they drives their revenu from keeping their industrial secret out of sight, just understand this. And if it wasn't the case, being unable to make enough profit, should I remind you... 3Dfx ? Kyro ?


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Except... I use FreeBSD 7.0, no driver for that version, only 6.x.
My next videocard will be AMD/ATI when has a full 3D driver for it.

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... on x86 maybe. Try getting an nVidia driver for Solaris on UltraSparc or FreeBSD on PPC or any operating system on non-x86 hardware.

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Last I checked, 3D acceleration worked on OpenSolaris and SolarisExpress via ATI hardware. Its still not perfect, but its coming along.

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