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3D News, GL, DirectX Yesterday, we reported on the statement several kernel developers had signed that urged hardware manufacturers to open up their Linux modules and drivers. "We, the undersigned Linux kernel developers, consider any closed-source Linux kernel module or driver to be harmful and undesirable," the statement read. Nvidia, which delivers probably the most prominent closed-source Linux driver, has reiterated its position concerning this matter.
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"The new 48XX AMD cards are the best cards around PERIOD"

The only concern I have right now is how they perform in Wine. I've run across more than one report of an app (game, obviously) not running in Wine with AMD but running with nVidia. I don't recall which right now, or if they were even apps I use.

That wouldn't be enough to keep me from buying AMD for my next card though. They have been more willing to work with Linux lately, and should gain some share of the Linux market; hopefully enough to start getting possible situations with wine fixed where nVidia works and AMD doesn't.

Obviously some people are happy with the binary drivers. I was for years. But just as I refused to touch ATI before they got bought (when they were moving away from open source, and their closed source drivers sucked) I'm moving away from nVidia for something that I find better.

I'm voting with my wallet. Unfortunately nVidia doesn't seem to care too much for the Linux market so even if every Linux user voted the same way I doubt they'd change things up. But for whatever reason AMD did, and I only need one company to do so ;)

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