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3D News, GL, DirectX Yesterday, we reported on the statement several kernel developers had signed that urged hardware manufacturers to open up their Linux modules and drivers. "We, the undersigned Linux kernel developers, consider any closed-source Linux kernel module or driver to be harmful and undesirable," the statement read. Nvidia, which delivers probably the most prominent closed-source Linux driver, has reiterated its position concerning this matter.
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No surprise!
by Piranha on Wed 25th Jun 2008 14:16 UTC
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Is this a surprise to anyone really? NVIDIA knows that everyone would 'prefer' opensource drivers, but why would they want to change now? AMD opened up theirs since their market share is declining and wanted a boost from the opensource community (which is good).

Unless Linux starts advertising and buoycotting against NVIDIA, I don't see them opening up their documentation or driver unless there is a serious decline in sales, which I don't see since the 'People-who-care-about-an-OSS-driver':Windows users is still soooo soooo small! It's sad, but as people have said "Vote with your wallets"!

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