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3D News, GL, DirectX Yesterday, we reported on the statement several kernel developers had signed that urged hardware manufacturers to open up their Linux modules and drivers. "We, the undersigned Linux kernel developers, consider any closed-source Linux kernel module or driver to be harmful and undesirable," the statement read. Nvidia, which delivers probably the most prominent closed-source Linux driver, has reiterated its position concerning this matter.
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some of us use more than the software license when making a choice. If nVidia can provide solid X modules and timely updates then that's fine with me. I don't buy the "we want to protect our IP" excuse but my end user need is functional quality not how it got there.

I'd love to see them release specs see if they can keep up with or contribute too community development. ATI of old couldn't keep up and wouldn't release specs so I voted with my wallet. The license is not the ultimate decision metric for me though.

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