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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A Computerworld blog post reads: "You gotta love it. Microsoft has decided that it will ho ahead and kill off easy access to XP on June 30th. On behalf of desktop Linux users everywhere, and our first cousins, the Mac fans, thanks. You've given us the best shot we'll ever have of taking the desktop."
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Mac's, where do I start?
Sleep on OS-X is every clients favourite shutdown proceedure on their Macbooks. I have noticed that OS-X will present with software operational issues after a period of time that can only be remedied with a proper power down.
I like the UI on OS-X to a point - it looks pretty but it isn't as functional as Linux or Vista and my number 1 gripe is with OS-X:

Lack of cross platform compatability. Why does OS-X have to handle file identification differently to Unix and Windows? Why can't we use OS-X font's on Windows/Unix and the reverse? Where are the standards complience with OS-X???

I get sick and tired of clients going out and wasting their money on Macbooks cause they are "Cool" and then trying to use them in Windows based networks with Windows apps on them. Yes it can be done but it's a real PITA. Note to Apple, make OS-X more standards complient and work better with interoperability with Unicies and Windows systems - then I might be more favourable.

For now, I just wish they'd sod off.

That being said, OS-X is great if you just want to work in an OS-X only bubble.

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