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Oracle and SUN Sun UK's chief open-source officer, Simon Phipps, has a high-profile role to play as the company is seeking a complete its move to 100 percent open software development. When asked about the criticism over its commitment to open source, Simon re-iterate its commitment with a "Pig and a Chicken" story: "Both animals were asked by the farmer to bring something along for breakfast one morning to show their worth. The chicken turns up with an egg, while the pig turns up with a side of bacon. The farmer looks over the offerings and says: "Well, the chicken has contributed, but the pig is committed."
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The Sun is Getting Hotter
by hibridmatthias on Fri 27th Jun 2008 15:37 UTC
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It would seem that Sun is making a lot of moves into the Open Source pool, and Microsoft is dipping its toes in as well. A lot of articles on all the bulletin boards/blogs/news sites as of late...

For a company who talked of write once run on many, I find it interesting it took them longer to wade into the pool than, say IBM who dived in with wreckless abandon vis a vis a crazy Superbowl ad and a crazy Chicago publicity stunt (see )

It would seem Free Software and Open Source Software(no one seems to separate them in the lay press these days...) is a Zeitgeist whose winds are finally blowing into the mainstream consciousness...

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