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Microsoft The web is abuzz with articles related to Bill Gates' retreat from Microsoft, and the BBC, too, partakes in this buzz. The BBC decided to list a few of Bill Gates' and Microsoft's predictions and drastic moves, and came to a list of hits and misses. Five misses, four hits.
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RE: Comment by yakirz
by byrc on Fri 27th Jun 2008 22:03 UTC in reply to "Comment by yakirz"
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Midtown Madness? Are you f--king kidding me? Burnout is so much better. Wtf

Also your other opinions are wrong also. damn.

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RE[2]: Comment by yakirz
by leech on Sun 29th Jun 2008 02:51 in reply to "RE: Comment by yakirz"
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I think he was pretty dead on with the Misses. Think about when XP first came out.... it wasn't even semi-decent until SP1 and much better after SP2. Didn't even notice anything with SP3....

Windows 2000 is still the only MS OS that hasn't left a completely nasty taste in my mouth (just a partial one, for when it first came out and the drivers were horrible)

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RE[3]: Comment by yakirz
by Nalle on Sun 29th Jun 2008 08:09 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by yakirz"
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The «Misses» -list is wrong too.

Any «Misses» -list when it comes to Microsoft HAS to include «Microsoft Bob».

Nalle Berg

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