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Morphos In a classic case of "two more weeks", the MorphOS team has actually finally really I'm-not-kidding-you released MorphOS 2.0. This release was long-awaited, and comes packed with so many new features they might as well have called it MorphOS 3.0. "The MorphOS development is proud to announce the public release of the much anticipated version 2.0 of MorphOS. For an overview of the included new features and updates, please read our release notes. A description of the hardware requirements and installation procedures can be found here."
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Well, I have used M2 for several hours now. Netstack TCP/IP stack is so user-friendly it's invisible. I was expecting to have to key in some values somewhere and start a program but all I did was check "DHCP" twice during the main installation (in fact it was prechecked, so I didn't even have to check it but I did see it) and it found my router and Internet connection. The included Sputnik web-browser is dated 2 June 2008 and seems pretty good. Don't expect Firefox 3 functionality though. Sputnik is a WebCore port for M2 done by one guy, so you can't expect Firefox 3 functionality. They did a lot of other stuff and definitely took the OS to the next level, which may not be the level you need if you're accustomed to thousands of apps to select from and super fast processors and so on. I've heard M2 described as a "toy" and that may be selling it a bit short, but I understand what is meant by that. I couldn't really phase out this MacMini with OSX etc. and start using the Pegasos or Efika with M2 as my main system, but they are good diversions and its fun to see how far you can take them. It took a long time since the last version but once the M2 Team set a schedule they did stick to it and deliver a release that is vastly better than anything they delivered before. Hurrah for OS diversity, and congratulations to the M2 Team!

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