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Hardware, Embedded Systems Quantum computers could become a reality very soon, opening up some fantastic possibilities -- including tele-portation, says Richard Gray.
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You seem to underestimate what your brain is doing at all times.
Our abstract thought abilities are a new feature implemented over many layers of cruft.
That you are able to detect movement, identify objects and calculate trajectories in realtime while keeping your body in the right position is already an amazing feat. But this is only the task on focus. At the same time, the brain is polling your tastebuds, your skin, your nose; everything for relevant input. A current supercomputing cluster cannot cope with all the information processing in a fly's brain.
In addition to that, the amount of useless information you store analogically without even realizing would set the Google servers in flames.
Silicon could possibly be faster, we don't have the benchmarks, but it surely doesn't scale well even if it beats QC at that. A 3D CPU with a few million cores would melt its way to the Earth's nucleum well before processing anything.

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