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KDE "After the recent release KDE 4.1 beta 2 and openSUSE 11 with KDE 4.0.4, some critics have been especially vocal in expressing their displeasure with the KDE 4 user interface paradigms. The debate has grown increasingly caustic as critics and supporters engage in a war of words over the technology. The controversy has escalated to the point where some users are now advocating a fork in order to move forward the old KDE 3.5 UI paradigms. As an observer who has closely studied each new release of KDE 4, I'm convinced that the fork rhetoric is an absurdly unproductive direction for this debate."
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people won't switch to KDE4 until the new interface can do everything the old interface can do

this is provably false by looking at past releases which were not 1:1 feature wise (including feature replacements or removals).

and you're rather overestimating the difference in interface. there are differences, but they are hardly as ghastly as you seem to think.

there's also all those other people who never used kde because of kde3's interface.

i'm fine with providing a classic ui alongside where we're going now, and in fact with some elements that's what we already do (e.g. the application menu).

but hiding the new behind the old is very .. backwards.

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i'm fine with providing a classic ui alongside where we're going now, and in fact with some elements that's what we already do (e.g. the application menu).

Note that this is new code, duplicating old functionality. This is of course fine from a user perspective as long as it can do everything the old code can.

One feature in 3.5 I really enjoy is the MacOS-style menu bar. Nothing (regarding UI) is wrong with normal menu's, it's just that it saves so much desktop space that I can't refuse it. It's not in 4.1, so 4.1 will not be the release that makes me drop 3.5. I have no idea when someone will take the time to implement it: 4.2? 4.3? It's just an example. There'll be silly kicker, kdesktop features that people love a lot.

You know, I still get e-mails from people that they can't use Free Pascal because we haven't implemented compiling to memory yet. Yep, the very fact that there is disk activity makes them refuse the ultra-state-of-the-art Free Pascal compiler above the 16 years old Turbo Pascal compiler. Silly feature, very difficult to implement portably for me, but people care about those silly little features, wether I like it or not.

I'm not saying you should care about all those corner features (I'm giving those die hard Turbo Pascal users the finger as well), but things are definately more complicated than just providing a similar UI.

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well , i didnt make this , so i dont know if its the real thing or not.

but see this , i guess you will be imensly happy ;)

notice the bar on top , and the lack of menu on the kde4 windows ;)

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the MacOS-style menu bar

if you go to and search through the reports (admittedly, bugzilla's searching is about as fun as poking one's self with a needle) you'll find reports on these kinds of issues.

in this case, there's a plasmoid in playground which is pretty well there, and with a little polishing will be in 4.2.

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