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Apple Apple's OS market share increased by nearly 32% in the last year. Windows Vista and Linux also increased their shares by 8% and 18%, respectively, to end the month accounting for 16.14% and 0.88% of the online OS market. The full results from the survey can be found here. The results came as there is increasing speculation about the new version of OS X having a business focus.
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RE: Starbucks
by Laurence on Thu 3rd Jul 2008 22:24 UTC in reply to "Starbucks"
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It's interesting to notice that if you go to your local "Starbucks", you'll see that there are around three to four PCs for every MAC. And this is a "Real Life" scenario. I have even seen a 50/50 ratio some times.
So I think MACs have a higher percentage of usage in reality, compared to what is being posted by surveys.

You're assuming that those who use their laptops at Starbucks are the typical pc newbie (the kind of user who makes up the greatest percentage of pc users and pc buyers).

I somewhat doubt that the average wi-fi surfer at Starbucks is the pc newbie i describe above.

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