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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu As the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) development gets going, many people will probably be wondering what new end-user features they can expect. This article lists the top 5 new features. My Take: Nothing really exciting. I still shiver over the inability of the default Totem installation not de-interlacing my camcomder-derived home videos and DVDs because GStreamer doesn't support it, or no full A/V support on Pidgin yet, or something as simple as this which I've been asking for years now and it would probably take 5 minutes to implement.
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You're asking impossible things
by AnXa on Sat 5th Jul 2008 23:21 UTC
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Hey Eugenia!
You're asking impossible things from Gnome developers. They are interface nazis whom don't care about useful usability. I stopped caring when those guys didn't do a thing to Nautilus improvements (bits of code, pics and ideas package) I submitted. They only took one feature in and even that was an old feature from Gnome 1.x series. ;)

At least we still have KDE3.5 last fine desktop. KDE4.1 isn't delivering things yet, and probably it will take 4.3 or 4.4 until it really gets the job done. ;)

Mean while we could hope that √Čtoil√© project gets something decent out. XFCE3 was best of the series so far but XFCE4 is too much gnome oriented.

Oh lord, why has world gone crazy about OSX desktop?

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