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Fedora Core Remember Automatix? Yes the nifty little application that made installing additional softwares on the Ubuntu system a breeze. Here comes the same for Fedora 9, FedoMATIX (v0.1Beta). It currently works on the command line only, but supports more than 60 additional softwares/apps already. The next version, which is due release in 2 months, will feature a GUI and many more softwares and hacks.
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no needed
by simo on Mon 7th Jul 2008 07:12 UTC
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i thought automatix was ditched as ubuntu already had the functionality built-in, now they think fedora needs it?!

keep it simple stupid, just install the livna and macromedia repo's and yum install <whatever>

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RE: no needed
by jb7852 on Mon 7th Jul 2008 14:02 in reply to "no needed"
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This is NOT an Automatix Team project. An Automatix for Fedora is in the process of being developed.

i thought automatix was ditched as ubuntu already had the functionality built-in

Automatix for Ubuntu wasn't ditched for technical reasons it was ditched for political reasons, which a lot of people are probably aware of. I could tell the team was pissed when they moved to Windows Vista.

now they think fedora needs it?

Fedora is in desperate need of an Automatix. When a new user comes to Fedora they are probably going to ask "Why can't I play my music and how do I make my nvidia card work properly." "Ok, I now know I need to get these codecs from a separate repo, but there are 3 livna, RPMforge, and ATrpms. Which one should I use? Can I use all three?" "Ok I now decided on which repo I want to use, How do I add that repo?" "The repo-release RPM wasn't too hard, but I want to install Skype also and they don't have a repo-release RPM so how do I add that repo?" "This is getting confusing!!!"

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RE[2]: no needed
by netpython on Mon 7th Jul 2008 16:03 in reply to "RE: no needed"
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OpenSuSE understood the need for community repos and made it easy to add them via yast.

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