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Linux While I was trawling through Net Applications' operating system share trend data for the past 24 months, something struck me. June 08 marked a big month for Linux. The OS saw the largest increase in market share for the whole 2 year period - a growth of 0.12%.
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And again...
by Crono on Mon 7th Jul 2008 18:47 UTC
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This statistic is only generated by evaluating the OS on certain (unnamed!!) websites.
Why don't they say which sites they evaluate?

Maybe people who use MacOS or Linux don't visit those sites that often. Maybe the marketshare is different for different regions/continents.

I'm not saying that Linux' marketshare must be higher or lower, I'm saying that statistics created from page-hits are bulls**t. Especially when the one who creates it doesn't reveal its sources.

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RE: And again...
by hobgoblin on Mon 7th Jul 2008 18:54 in reply to "And again..."
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one can focus it down to specific pages or regions, but then one have to be a paying user.

is osnews willing to fork up some cash?

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RE[2]: And again...
by Crono on Mon 7th Jul 2008 19:03 in reply to "RE: And again..."
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one can focus it down to specific pages or regions, but then one have to be a paying user.

Yeah... but the statistic as it is now doesn't tell you anything. It's worthless. You can't make a conclusion from the data.

Where in the world is this marketshare representative?
IS it representative at all?
What is the age span of the people who provided the data?
How computer-literate are they?

If you don't have this information you can jump to nice conclusions like: "The people who provided the data are all over 40 years old and live in Utah".
Why would this conclusion be wrong? There's no source that tells me that it isn't.

Of course this example is a bit over the top. But without the source it is impossible to give any trustworthy statistics.

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RE: And again...
by -oblio- on Mon 7th Jul 2008 21:30 in reply to "And again..."
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Ok, here's a random traffic ranking for a very popular site in Romania:
Windows XP 699.278 87,55%
Windows Vista 70.800 8,86%
Windows 2000 9.150 1,15%
Macintosh 6.111 0,77%
Unix 3.983 0,50%
Windows 98 3.497 0,44%
Windows 2003 3.153 0,39%
Altele 2.150 0,27%
Windows Me 358 0,04%
Windows NT 151 0,02%
Windows 95 80 0,01%
It's a sport sites, so it's not chock full of tech geeks (like a distribution forum), just regular people.
Linux (which is categorized under Unix) is in the gutter.
Romania isn't a rich country, but even Mac has a higher market share (remember, we import Macs from the US, with huge taxes, and because of low demand they're sold as high priced luxury items, so they're a lot more expensive than your average PC).

Checking for the top 10 or 20 sites shows the same thing. Under 1 percent. Linux is fighting Windows 98, not Vista ;)

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RE[2]: And again...
by raver31 on Mon 7th Jul 2008 21:39 in reply to "RE: And again..."
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Sorry, I visited the site with my Linux machine, so your post is now rendered inaccurate and out of date, please remove it.

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