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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y This article takes a look at the issues involved with ditching Windows for Linux. It's not the most in-depth piece, but it provides a handy introduction of the 'how's and 'why's of shifting.
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RE: The Real Question
by jabbotts on Tue 8th Jul 2008 15:31 UTC in reply to "The Real Question"
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I've heard good things from Libraries that have switched. The public systems break less often since a user can only eat the user's own space. All the software is available to provide browsing, email and document editing or media viewing.

It sounds like your next step is to take an inventory of what software you install on those workstations then investigate alternatives where possible. You may find programs that are required which only run on a Windows platform but you may find out that the only limitation is that you haven't done it already.

Once you have your list of software functions and brand names for Windows and Linux based OS applications that support those functions; build a test machine or run a four machine trial on the side.

(the function is Email; Outlook and Thunderbird are two branded applications that support it)

(eesh, I know the tech. If I knew marketing I may actually be employed within IT again. That's my own topic of venting though and unrelated to this.)

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