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OSNews, Generic OSes We'd like to formally welcome Quentin Hartman, Tony Steidler-Dennison, and Amjith Ramanujam to the OSNews team. We had a huge response to our recent call for contributors, and if you were one of the people who contacted us, we're not done with you yet. Whether you're interested in contributing daily news or writing articles, we'll be contacting you soon, and these new editors are specifically tasked with helping to marshall the efforts of the other contributors. These new editors join Thom Holwerda, who's taking a sabbatical while trying to recover from RSI, David Adams, our Publisher and business manager, Adam Scheinberg, our webmaster and back-end guru, and Eugenia Loli-Queru, who is still occasionally lured out of retirement until the trolls and platform zealots earnest advocates remind her why she found it less stressful to take up videography. Welcome, n00bs!
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"If you don't like it and don't contribute, don't use it, and STFU

Hey guess what. Your KDE desktop there? You're running some of my code. That's right, I used KDE for a while, and even wrote some code for you asshats. Too bad I was too blind to see at the time that KDE people don't care about their normal users. But if you want to continue to claim that I'm just an outsider talking shit, then try again, my friends."

If what he says is true, the whole situation (and most of the comments too) is marvelously ironic ;)

These new editors are supposed to bring new content to OSNews?

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Hmm... Didn't know about the LinuxHatersBlog. I just went and had a look. Not a lot of useful content that I could see, but it was entertaining. That guy writes a lot like I talk sometimes, so maybe that's why I kinda like it.

As for all the discussion about flames and trolls, anyone who responds in kind to such is just throwing gasoline on the fires. There are ways to deal with this without descending to the same level. Or, they could just be ignored - flamers and trolls probably hate that more than anything else ;-)! Some folks on the InterWeb sure need to grow thicker skins, get some anger management therapy, or just find a life.

So anyways, welcome aboard to the new editors, and I look forward to some more good OS reportage.

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