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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless OpenMoko launched its highly anticipated FreeRunner smartphone, a Linux-based handset that's completely open in both hardware and software, and is designed to encourage third-party modification and customization. Although the FreeRunner's software platform is still incomplete, the device has attracted considerable attention from mobile software developers and Linux enthusiasts.
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RE[2]: Maybe decent hardware, but:
by olefiver on Thu 10th Jul 2008 06:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Maybe decent hardware, but:"
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The Neo Freerunner present software is suitable for advanced users and devs, but the intent for Freerunner is general consumer.

The FreeRunner can be purchased from the Online Store as of July 3, 2008. Software available on the phone suitable for advanced users and developers but not the average consumer.

The Neo FreeRunner is a Linux-based touch screen smart phone aimed at general consumer use as well as Linux desktop users and software developers.

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deb2006 Member since:

Ok, but what does it MEAN:
- can I make a phone call?
- can I send SMS?

Hardware is one thing - it's just useless if the software stack is still lacking the most basic features. Don't get me wrong: I'd love to play with the Freerunner. I just cannot afford an expensive toy that isn't able to do the most basic things one expects from such a device.

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olefiver Member since:

- can I make a phone call?
- can I send SMS?

I'm buying the Neo Freerunner, together with 9 others, and one in the group was at a "install party" in Oslo a few days ago with some other group which already have gotten their phones.
They did some testing and this is what works with basic image:
- make and receive phone calls
- send and receive sms
- wifi works after some small tweak(s)
- nett on PC via the Freerunner (usb)

They didn't get a fix on GPS, but it was inside...
Bluetooth was not tested.
And on-screen keyboard didn't have norwegian letters.


Anyways, it's my understanding that openmoko aims to make Neo Freerunner a phone for Joe consumer, but it's not there yet

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hobgoblin Member since:

so give it time. this is unlike nokia and the rest that drop a finished product, and then go on to make the next one and in general wants to avoid having anything more to do with the old one...

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