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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y In 2006, Microsoft released Windows Powershell, a new command line shell that, via cmdlets, scripts, and executables, allow core system administration tasks to be scripted. While this functionality has been available on Unix-type systems for decades, Microsoft's version will almost certainly, within a few years, be available on several hundred million PCs. So how does the Powershell stack up against Linux favorite bash? MSDN links to this Bash vs Powershell article.
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RE[11]: cygwin
by BluenoseJake on Fri 11th Jul 2008 00:17 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: cygwin"
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"Stop listening to marketing guff and start looking at real world examples like the deprecation of Visual Basic 6 compatibility"

Yeah, seeing as VB ver 1 came out in 93, and VB stayed code compatible with that version until VB 7, 9 Years later, I'd say that argument is just nonsense, and I know, I started programming with VB 3. Standard BASIC code would run under VB, so it was even code compatible with GWBASIC and Quick BASIC.

Biggest change before .NET was VB 5 with OCX controls, but it still would use VBX controls until version 6, and it was still code compatible.

"the half-a dozen slightly incompatible versions of the Win32 API"

There are 3 versions, Win32s, that ran on Win 3.11, Win32 (Win9x) and Win32 (NT). 3 Versions, and only one is extant now. That certainly isn't a half dozen.

"In fact, stop thinking like a sysadmin and start thing like a CTO. "

No. I am a Sys Admin, if I started thinking like a CTO, I would suck at my job.

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