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General Development The ability to run both console and graphical programs securely on a remote system using SSH brings you a great deal of freedom. When the communications link to that remote system has high latency, however, running interactive programs such as a text editor on the remote machine can become a real test of your patience. The bcvi project lets you edit files on a remote system using gvim (or another editor) on your local desktop machine to avoid the latency.
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Network Bash Prompt
by braddock on Fri 11th Jul 2008 22:15 UTC
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What I've really always wanted - in addition to a network transparent vim - is some sort of buffered bash readline support. Especially when logging in over my high-latency cell phone.

That combination would make shell logins via bluetooth cell phone very useful. Then port it to my cell phone itself (I've already got a keyboard)...

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