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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris This preview of the upcoming OpenSolaris 2008.11 release highlights aspects that should be of interest to systems and storage administrators who have to deal with large storage environments. ZFS is a big component that is referred to often, but there are new storage services and capabilities in addition to ZFS that might be overlooked and are quite compelling. Editor's Note: We ran an article yesterday that covered the surface level (eye-candy) improvements of the 2008.11 release of OpenSolaris.
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Hi mtzmtulivu!

There is a subtle but important difference between the words "review" and "preview" ;)

When I get some time I'll REview some of the features listed in detail. For now, I just wanted to make people aware that these existed (features that I think are pretty unique when considering all OSes) and provide jump-off points for people to gain more info and perhaps try them out.


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ok, i cant wait ..i am a full time linux user and i was a bit curious about solaris a while ago ..i just got bored with linux and decided to try something else ..tried desktopBSD and i kept on looking at KDE and decided to try out solaris ...CDE was too radical and java desktop environment was, to me, like an old gnome remaster and i just went back to linux ..

solaris has been making headlines ..i guess i will try it again someday ..i just havent seen a reason so far ..

people who use and like solaris should make an effort to put it on people's faces, make people talk about it or atleast be aware its there

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... that's probably because it IS gnome, as far as I know ;)

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