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AMD The CEO of chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is stepping down. Hector Ruiz had been just the second person to lead AMD after company founder Jerry Sanders. He'll be replaced by the chip maker's No. 2 executive, Dirk Meyer.
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maybe if people had actually picked up amd 64...

that wasn't parroting, it's just ignored because windows is still floating around on 32bit. why would you abandon x86 when nearly all computers in home use are running it?

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IMO, the old computers will not die overnight but they will be supplanted by a new type of machine built for super fast parallelism and super complex programs that do not fail. The x86 single and multicore multithreaded machines (together with all the legacy OSes from the last century) will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs, the buggy whip and the slide rule. AMD should let Intel hang on to those while it is forging a new market worthy of the 21st century. Intel can't do it because Intel is too married to the old stuff.

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um, the slide rule is still alive and well ;)

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Actually slide rules are alive and well in aviation. Flight 'computers' are circular slide rules used for calculating time, fuel loads etc. They sacrifice high precision for total reliability, low cost, speed and simplicity.

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