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Debian and its clones Two companies previously mentioned as being involved with the project, Mandriva and Turbolinux, appear to not be participating at this time. Progeny Linux Systems continues to leading the way.
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Ubuntu is NOT splitting up Debian
by cr8dle2grave on Tue 12th Jul 2005 22:48 UTC
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The only antagonism which exists between Debian proper and Ubuntu resides solely in the minds of over enthusiastic Ubuntu users with a poor grasp of the underlying technical issues and their equally ill informed critics. Ubuntu is Debian! More exactly, it is a freeze of Debian/unstable with some custom packages and backports from Debian/experimental as well as some custom configuration appropriate for a general purpose desktop.

Also, Ian Murdoch isn't opposed to Ubuntu. He's expressed some concern about the future possibilities of fragmentation between Debian and its derivatives. In an perfect world Ubuntu should be derived from Testing and not Unstable, but the log jam surrounding the Srage release made that impossible. In the end, I would too would like to see Ubuntu eventually move to using Testing for their base, but if they don't it's hardly the end of the world.

Also Progeny doesn't compete with Ubuntu/Canonical, as they are in a very different market. Those of you looking to turn this into some petty melodrama need to educate yourselves about what it is that Progeny actually does (and some investigation into the Debian release processes work would be advised as well).

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"In an perfect world Ubuntu should be derived from Testing and not Unstable"

But *there are* distros based on unstable, and yet they are still Debian compatible.
Two examples which just came out of my mind are Kanotix and Linspire (according to a Linspire moderator)

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Because they use the official Debian repositories, but they quite notably DO NOT and CANNOT (under their present scheme) provide security updates.

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