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Benchmarks David Williams over at iTWire has done a comparison of Windows vs Linux. It is performed by doing functionally identical tasks in both the OSes. This comparison is not a fair one by any measure. The laptops running the Windows and Linux were different in the hardware config and the software used for the tests were comparable but clearly different (MS Office vs OpenOffice; IE vs Firefox 3).
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Fedora is fat
by sb56637 on Tue 22nd Jul 2008 18:43 UTC
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1.12 GB of RAM used on Windows vs. 1.06 GB on Fedora? Almost a negligible difference. Both systems are using far too much RAM, in my opinion.

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RE: Fedora is fat
by satan666 on Tue 22nd Jul 2008 18:51 in reply to "Fedora is fat"
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Fedora is not fat. I performed a default Fedora 9 + Gnome install and I got around 150Mb RAM at boot. I have no idea how you can get 1Gb RAM usage at boot. I've never ever seen more than 200Mb RAM usage at boot on the most bloated Linux distributions. I currently use a custom installed Mandriva that shows 70Mb RAM usage at boot.
Edit: Mandriva runs with KDE

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RE[2]: Fedora is fat
by bert64 on Wed 23rd Jul 2008 08:17 in reply to "RE: Fedora is fat"
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They probably miscounted the ram...
It's not uncommon to take the memory usage figure from top, which includes memory used by buffers and cache... After a full boot i wouldn't be surprised to see 1gb of ram being used as disk cache on a system with so much ram to spare.

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*nix has always been heavy on RAM and disk throughput based on how it handles memory. Fast read/write disks and nice fast big ram sticks for cacheing.

I understand that Vista is actually doing prechaching now too which is why it seems to use a huge amount of ram. One program open and 80% used; no worries, it's supposed to use RAM like that now too.

You'd have to strip out the caching from both platforms and look at memory dedicated to programs for a real idea of which is bloated in that regard.

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RE: Fedora is fat
by Jokel on Tue 22nd Jul 2008 19:55 in reply to "Fedora is fat"
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Linux uses RAM in a very different manner than Windows. Most RAM is used as disk cache to speed up file operations. Linux is designed to use as much RAM as possible to keep the amount of disk access operations as low as possible, thus improving efficiency and speed.

You can't compare Windows memory usage with Linux memory usage. Most memory used by Windows is just to store static blocks of memory like complete programs. Linux uses most memory for dynamic purposes like changing data and files.

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