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Windows As someone who uses Windows Vista practically daily, I've always wondered where all the negativity in the media comes from. Sure, Vista isn't perfect (as if any operating system is), but I just don't see where all the complaints are coming from. It runs just fine on my old (6 years) machine, all my software and hardware is compatible, and it's stable as a rock. Microsoft has been wondering the same thing, and after a little test, they may have found out why people seem to dislike Vista so much.
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RE[3]: I Hate Vista
by google_ninja on Fri 25th Jul 2008 01:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I Hate Vista"
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Right click the folder, choose properties. Choose the security tab, and click "Edit". If your user is in the list, give him/her full control. If not, click "Add". Enter your user name and click "Check" to make sure it can figure it out, and it isn't ambiguous. Click OK on everything to close it.

Alternately, you can open a command prompt as admin, and type "icacls <path to folder you want access to> /grant username:F /T". If you want to run the command in a non-elevated prompt, be sure to wrap it in double quotes, and stick a "runas /user:username" in the front.

The windows security model is very powerful, but it is also incredibly complected (imo too complecated for home users). IMO it is pretty much required knowledge though for anyone who wants an even marginally secure machine.

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RE[4]: I Hate Vista
by TheBashar on Fri 25th Jul 2008 01:16 in reply to "RE[3]: I Hate Vista"
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Thank you for the tip. I'll do that. It's a shame though that I have to lose the extra protection instead of being able to configure it to UAC prompt me once (as opposed to the explorer then uac double whammy prompt).

But thanks, I will use this.

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