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Hardware, Embedded Systems People have been saying for some time that operating systems will eventually just become windows to the "cloud" (essentially browsers) and everyone will just use web applications, but now a company called CherryPal is really doing it. Plus, the CherryPal uses only 2 Watts of power.
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This IS an Efika
by mbpark on Fri 25th Jul 2008 02:42 UTC
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If you pay attention to the specs and look at it, it's definitely an EFIKA. It's got roughly the same graphics chip as the iPhone. I submitted a story about the $99 Freescale laptop from their developer summit that never got posted here, and Genesi was involved with that (same specs, definitely an EFIKA with an LCD screen). I'll let R&B talk about this one themselves ;) .

The issue isn't the hardware (which runs Linux quite well, thank you), but the not so good job on the OS/UI combination, and the other distractions. Cherrypal seems to be a bit on the weird side, especially after their Craigslist stunt ( where they attempted to build a "street team" that failed miserably.

Personally, I wish it cost less. $249 isn't the price point that sells these, especially when one can spend much less ($0), save a P3 PC from a landfill, and put Linux on it. $99-$149 gets you into the "hey, maybe this can replace the old Evo mini desktop I have" territory, and the "hey, maybe I can run an Xterm on this in my living room" territory.

Its a very nice idea, and it runs on real hardware that has really good Linux support. However, charging $249 and having really strange marketing/promotion takes away from the idea.

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RE: This IS an Efika
by _df_ on Fri 25th Jul 2008 13:35 in reply to "This IS an Efika"
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Since these are all just SOC's, this is pretty much identical. Its just a MPC5121e. The efika2 will use the 5121e. the difference, maybe the efika will use smartfirmware 1.4 and cherrypal doesnt. I dont know what it uses (uboot or smartfirmware...)

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