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Windows As someone who uses Windows Vista practically daily, I've always wondered where all the negativity in the media comes from. Sure, Vista isn't perfect (as if any operating system is), but I just don't see where all the complaints are coming from. It runs just fine on my old (6 years) machine, all my software and hardware is compatible, and it's stable as a rock. Microsoft has been wondering the same thing, and after a little test, they may have found out why people seem to dislike Vista so much.
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Win95 - Wow!
Win98 - Oh
WinMe - Ow!
Win2k - Oooh
WinXp - Meh
Vista - Doh!

This mono-syllabic review brought to you by the letter 'W' and the number '7'

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That basicly says it. Each new version is generally less impressive as the previous. I would say for the most part is is because it is maturing. But I would say it is mostly because lately there hasn't been any good competition to it. Linux is still not there (It has all the elements but not quite put together right). Mac OS X is competitive but requires selective hardware. OS 2 Dead (reason for the 95 Wow!).

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Well, I don't have an exclamation point after Win2k (Oooh!), but I feel it weas the height of the Microsoft OS, at least since DOS. I actually preferred DOS and Windows being separate, like the Unixish world. Dos apps were first-class citizens. I used Windows 3.1 as a nice app-launcher (it did pretty well with DOS apps). I believe it was a big mistake to glue it all into one "gooey" interface. C'mon back, Dos!! Only with long filenames, pre-emptive mulit-tasking, better memory management. That would rock, in my book.

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I had been using OS7 and 7.5 for years before the first time i tried win95. My reaction was "Ewww."

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Nice one!

I quoted this here:

Enjoy your immortality!


-- Shlomi Fish

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