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Oracle and SUN In an interview with, Novell developer Michael Meeks talks mostly about Sun's lack of openness in regards to He goes as far as stating that if Sun dropped out of OOo-development this "wouldn't be an entirely negative thing". He also goes on to talk about promoting Go-oo instead, and emphasizes the importance of breaking down the barriers between GNOME and KDE.
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RE[7]: Not news
by KAMiKAZOW on Tue 29th Jul 2008 07:25 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Not news"
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The GPL *never* contained an "or later" clause. It was contained in the boilerplate as a *recommendation*. Copyright holders still had to specifically state the "or later" clause, which very many didn't.

That's splitting hairs. I know what a boilerplate is but I wanted to keep my post simple.
To be exact:
The GPL includes a boilerplate for "About" windows and README files and that one has "any later version". If no GPL version is explicitly stated, then any GPL version may be used.

It's true that there are/were other FOSS projects that include(d) GPLv2-only code. The most prominent example is probably KDE. But -- unlike Linus who refuses to compromise on license compatibility with other projects -- the KDE project had a lengthy process to ensure that past GPLv2-only code is relicensed and all future KDE code is GPLv3 compatible. See for KDE's current policy.

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