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KDE Earlier this year, the KDE team released the highly-anticipated 4th major revision of the KDE desktop. Instead of bringing evolutionary changes, KDE 4.0 effectively delivered a complete rewrite of KDE, and as a consequence the first release of the KDE 4 branch lacked a lot of features of KDE 3.x, while also being quite unstable and rough. Many even complained the KDE team shouldn't have released KDE 4.0 as 4.0, but rather as a developer preview release or something similar. During this storm of criticism, the KDE team calmly pointed out that KDE 4.1 would fix many, many of the issues people had with KDE 4.0. Starting today, there's no more pointing towards KDE 4.1: KDE 4.1 has been released today.
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RE: Got to Love the Standards Here
by Lengsel on Tue 29th Jul 2008 22:11 UTC in reply to "Got to Love the Standards Here"
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What do you mean the flamebait?

I actually wish OSNews would disable comment capabilities all together for the site if that's what you mean about comments going back and forth. I do agree OSNews sometimes has pretty pointless articles, but even when there is a useful or informative story from a practical perspective, 90% of the comments on here are garbage, it seems filled by people who think who think it's cool to be "techie", cool have Linux installed.

I am sure the lovers of cwm/fvwm know what I am talking about. Just want the barebones to get the work done and any more than that, just cut all the graphics and menus out of it. We don't like all the bla bla bla talk, so "shut up and hack".

If you know of a better site than say so. Daemonnews is alright but a little slow, so if you know of something else, or maybe we need an open source news site that is more inclined towards IT experts and is not interested in home users.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

What do you mean the flamebait?

I think he didn't see the "read more" which is listed in BRIGHT ORANGE.

We're all just people.

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Gryzor Member since:

The Read More is very easy to overlook. I wouldn't blame him just because he didn't see it. I haven't seen it myself until now.

Consider making some CSS retouches to that.

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