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Oracle and SUN In an interview with, Novell developer Michael Meeks talks mostly about Sun's lack of openness in regards to He goes as far as stating that if Sun dropped out of OOo-development this "wouldn't be an entirely negative thing". He also goes on to talk about promoting Go-oo instead, and emphasizes the importance of breaking down the barriers between GNOME and KDE.
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RE: ZFS for FreeBSD, Mac OS X, etc
by -oblio- on Wed 30th Jul 2008 07:58 UTC in reply to "ZFS for FreeBSD, Mac OS X, etc"
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This will be probably be accused of flamebait, but:
"I dont get it, do you accuse SUN of not wanting other OS to include ZFS or DTrace? How about QNX that has incorporated DTrace? You know that Mac OS X has Dtrace and ZFS as well? As FreeBSD has ZFS? etc?"

Solaris's only direct threat from the OSS world is Linux. The other threat, but non-OSS, is Windows Server. Solaris is a server operating system mostly (that's its main use, it can be used as a desktop system, but so can OpenBSD ;) ).
Mac OS, FreeBSD, QNX are not direct threats. Solaris does not target embedded systems. Furthermore, QNX already has Java, so Sun has a foothold there. Mac OS is not very used on servers - because it's tied to their hardware, whereas Solaris is no longer tied to Sun hardware. FreeBSD doesn't have the same level of commercial backing as Linux. I don't mean for development, because FreeBSD development is financed by Yahoo for example, but for deployment (and deployment does matter a lot).

Now you see why Solaris can't have the same license as Linux? ;)

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