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KDE Earlier this year, the KDE team released the highly-anticipated 4th major revision of the KDE desktop. Instead of bringing evolutionary changes, KDE 4.0 effectively delivered a complete rewrite of KDE, and as a consequence the first release of the KDE 4 branch lacked a lot of features of KDE 3.x, while also being quite unstable and rough. Many even complained the KDE team shouldn't have released KDE 4.0 as 4.0, but rather as a developer preview release or something similar. During this storm of criticism, the KDE team calmly pointed out that KDE 4.1 would fix many, many of the issues people had with KDE 4.0. Starting today, there's no more pointing towards KDE 4.1: KDE 4.1 has been released today.
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RE: Fonts
by boudewijn on Wed 30th Jul 2008 16:10 UTC in reply to "Fonts"
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No, Sappyvcv, we cannot hire a freaking font expert. Mainly because KDE, as a project of volunteers, does not hire anyone.

If you happen to be a freaking font expert, you're of course very welcome to start your copy of fontforge and create an excellent font. In the meantime, console yourself with the knowledge that everyone on the Linux desktop uses the same fonts and the same font rendering technology.

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v RE[2]: Fonts
by sappyvcv on Wed 30th Jul 2008 21:09 in reply to "RE: Fonts"
RE[3]: Fonts
by lemur2 on Wed 30th Jul 2008 23:48 in reply to "RE[2]: Fonts"
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Ok well then, KDE will always be a sub-standard product. I guess no one at KDE has ever heard of raising funds to pay for things important to a project.

The beauty of open source is sharing. Once someone has a solution, there is no need to squander resources and/or money developing or acquiring it (as the case may be) all over again.

Plenty of fine fonts to choose from. This is not a problem.

Why don't you try harder to find some other utter nonsense to whinge about Linux that might be a little harder to debunk?

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