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Apple "Apple Inc. has pulled its security engineering team out of a planned public discussion on the company's security practices, which had been set for next week's Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas."
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RE[4]: As we say in venezuela:
by Al2001 on Mon 4th Aug 2008 00:56 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: As we say in venezuela:"
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Changing your video card wouldn't force you to reactivate.

Xp probes 10 pieces of hardware, if 7 out of 10 are the same as when activated it passes.

This is the wrong place to spread FUD people are generally kinda clued up around here ;) it would be wise to bare that in mind in future.

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Morgan Member since:

Read my post again. That example I gave was changing my video card and adding a hard drive. That did indeed force a reactivation, prompting me to call Microsoft. I've also had it reactivate on changing motherboards (which, btw, changes several components at once) as well as just cloning to a new hard drive on the same system for a storage upgrade. You're not going to convince me that my experiences didn't happen just because they didn't happen to everyone out there.

As for your snarky comments, people around here also don't take well to being called liars. You might wish to bear that in mind yourself.

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Al2001 Member since:

you are re-enforcing your point by introducing new facts. that's cheating! ;)

Further to your point about a mainboard counting as more than one component, the current MS licensing regards a mainboard change as a new computer, although it's possible this is for OEM copies only i'm not sure TBH.

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