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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I have recently been in the market for a new smartphone. The iPhone looks like some nice hardware and I'm already an AT&T customer, but after Apple's trend of pulling Apps from iTunes lately I'm just not buying. Apple has proven to me that I don't want to live in a closed ecosystem. It made me realize what my real issue with Apple is: their business practices.
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RE: Faustian Deal
by OSGuy on Wed 6th Aug 2008 12:32 UTC in reply to "Faustian Deal"
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"Now with 3G, you get to pay an extra $10/month for giving up all ability to SMS text messaging. Oh yeah."

Your ending is missing a spice! Probably a better ending would have been:

"Now with 3G, you get to pay an extra $10/month for giving up all ability to SMS text messaging. Oh yeah and by the way did I mention No Copy & Paste??" ;) ;)

Sorry couldn't resist it - either way, I don't have one nor have I used one so I can't confirm whether it does have it or not but if it doesn't then that's pretty poor. Even my SEW810 has a Copy & Paste. When you type an SMS, you click on More->Edit and you have Copy, Copy All and Paste. When you press Copy, a little button appears saying "Start" and when you press Start, it starts selecting the text when you move the arrows. A neat work around for a non smart phone. My next phone might be one of the HTC Windows ones but I want them to fix the few issues mentioned in the reviews first - battery life and few other more minor ones.

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