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GTK+ Red Hat's David Zeuthen blogged today about the huge patch he submitted to GTK+ that will allow the toolkit to achieve resolution independence - widget and font size adapting to your screen's real estate; no more tiny application lost in the corner of your high resolution screen. Although more work is obviously required, Zeuthen's idea is to use RI as the hot-new-feature selling point of the upcoming 3.0 GTK+ release. Discussion is going on in the gtk-devel mailing list and there is an ogg video of the feature in action.
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RE: Resolution independence
by cerbie on Fri 8th Aug 2008 15:17 UTC in reply to "Resolution independence"
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*shrug* Icons look fine at any size, and most have been vector for ages, now.

Badly designed websites will look bad, which is also nothing new. I don't let websites make their own choices. It was one of the many things that got me using Linux more often. Too many Windows apps break with bigger/different (Bitstream Vera Sans 12 for all UI widgets) fonts...most everything in X gets bigger, and everything is fine.

This seems like something very different...not resolution independence, but setting dimensions as fractions of display size. If everything but decorative edges on widgets were determined as points of DPI, it wouldn't be needed, would it? It would just happen from setting font and icon sizes...

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