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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's a new hype going on in the world of computing. I used to call them 'tiny laptops', but somewhere along the way, Intel's marketing got at me and now I call them netbooks. Every self-respecting manufacturer has a netbook product line, or is about to introduce one (Apple?), so I figured I would take a look at what all the fuss is about: I bought a netbook.
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RE: I own one....
by vaette on Tue 12th Aug 2008 21:12 UTC in reply to "I own one...."
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Have you disabled the Acer D2D recovery option in the BIOS? This is more or less required to make it work acceptably in XP. Heres some extra tips also:

* If you are making a new install, use FAT32 (journaling is expensive on the slow SSD).
* If you already have NTFS, disable "last access time stamps", see:
* For browsing, I noted that IE and Firefox both have some bad write behaviour (Firefox 3 being especially bad, with huge sqlite sync()'s every time you hit enter in the location bar). Try Opera with disk cache disabled (it is in advanced options, history).
* Disable system restore.
* You may want to disable the page file. This has some rather performance reprecussions, but really gives you a more predictable behaviour (especially as you have a gig of ram anyway).

That's about it, I find mine to be quite useable in XP after disabling D2D and tweaking a bit.

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RE[2]: I own one....
by truckweb on Thu 14th Aug 2008 11:24 in reply to "RE: I own one...."
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I did everything you said, it's still unusable. Would you believe that it took almost 10 mins to install WinAMP? The SSD seems to be working all the time and I have nothing running, no anti-virus, no auto-update.

The SSD is pure crap for WinXP.

The SSD inside the first Asus EeePC was faster than this. I guess you get what you pay for.

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