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Qt The dot reports on the new version of Qt, as discussed by Qt developers Simon Hausmann and Andreas Aardal Hanssen. Much optimizations have already gone in the 4.5 development tree, and more is to come. You can also expect many functional improvements to the WebKit webbrowser engine, graphical effects and a new animations API.
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RE[2]: QTWebkit?
by lemur2 on Wed 13th Aug 2008 12:50 UTC in reply to "RE: QTWebkit? "
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WebKit is a fine piece of code and a great engine. It actually puts Gecko to shame, as far as the code and engineering goes, and it easily matches Gecko for rendering accuracy and speed.

There is absolutely no reason that it shouldn't be included in Qt or anywhere else.

Is there any project attempting to combine an XUL browser frontend (that would work with firefox extensions) with a Webkit backend?

That could be interesting IMHO.

is webkit all that good for it to be in QT4.5 an or supported .. i dont think it is IMHO.

Webkit passes acid test 3.

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RE[3]: QTWebkit?
by Vanders on Wed 13th Aug 2008 17:04 in reply to "RE[2]: QTWebkit? "
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Interesting idea. In theory WebKit supports everything you'd need for XUL, so I guess it's possible. You'd have to ask the WebKit developers for more a more in depth answer I guess ;)

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