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Linux As we all know by now, netbooks are the latest craze in the computing world. Small notebooks, perfect for on the go, and relatively cheap. The interesting thing is that these netbooks are often offered with Linux pre-installed instead of Windows, and this prompts many to believe that it is the netbook niche where Linux will gain its first solid foothold among the general populace. "It does a lot to level the playing field. In fact, Linux looks to be quick out of the gate," said Jay Lyman, analyst with the 451 Group. However - is that really happening?
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Will Vista be installable on these machines?

A very few of these machines offer Vista Home basic ... a crippled version of a dog of an OS that runs extremely poorly on this class of machine. Many of these machines have only 512MB of RAM.

In general, the answer to your question is: No.

More precisely, the answer to your question is: Not enough of them and not well enough to matter.

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