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Linspire Xandros has announced the end of Linspire. The company says that it had too many for-pay distributions running around in the company portfolio, so one was bound to be cut. Linspire didn't make it. "Xandros purchased Linspire, the company, earlier this summer. This week, the company announced that it was going to revamp community distribution Freespire, basing its next version on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and using it as a precursor for Xandros Desktop Professional, in much the same way Red Hat uses Fedora and SUSE uses openSUSE. But the company didn't need multiple for-pay desktop distributions, so Linspire is getting the boot."
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Every time I hit the Linux Mint homepage, it attempts to deliver a trojan.

Someone has messed with the page.

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You must be using Windows and IE... Wont work on Linux. hahahaha.

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You must be using Windows and IE... Wont work on Linux. hahahaha.

That was a "troll-like" reply. Using Windows and IE to access a website is no excuse to deliver a trojan payload to users.

How can one switch from Windows to a Linux Distro if the website of the distro is unfriendly and actively hostile.

Grow up guy!

Windows owns the PC world. You might not like it, but being a butthead about it, doesn't change anything. And it especially doesn't make you appear to be very bright.

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