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Editorial GoboLinux is a distribution which sports a different file system structure than 'ordinary' Linux distributions. In order to remain compatible with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, symbolic links are used to map the GoboLinux tree to standard UNIX directories. A post in the GoboLinux forums suggested that it might be better to turn the concept around: retain the FHS, and then use symbolic links to map the GoboLinux tree on top of it. This sparked some interesting discussion. Read on for more details.
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RE: Do we care? Really?
by Delgarde on Tue 19th Aug 2008 01:46 UTC in reply to "Do we care? Really?"
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I agree - it seems to me that anyone who actually cares about the filesystem layout should be able to learn it easily enough. And anyone who doesn't care, shouldn't have to. My home directory contains a Documents folder, a Music folder, a Photos folder, etc. From the GUI, that's all I ever need to use... I never need to worry about the difference between /bin and /sbin and the like, because I never see them unless I drop to the command line.

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