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Editorial GoboLinux is a distribution which sports a different file system structure than 'ordinary' Linux distributions. In order to remain compatible with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, symbolic links are used to map the GoboLinux tree to standard UNIX directories. A post in the GoboLinux forums suggested that it might be better to turn the concept around: retain the FHS, and then use symbolic links to map the GoboLinux tree on top of it. This sparked some interesting discussion. Read on for more details.
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RE[2]: Solving the wrong problem
by hobgoblin on Tue 19th Aug 2008 08:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Solving the wrong problem"
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yep, i still love the dos day when every app or driver was contained in its own dir that one could move virtually anywhere as long as one entered the right path into either config.sys or autoexec.bat.

say what you will about its userfriendlyness but it was simple. and the same level of simple is what gobolinux is aiming for imo. that it appears to be user friendly is just a side effect.

note for instance that rather then having init.d and friends in etc (or /System/Settings in gobolinux) there is a BootOptions file (setting stuff like how the ascii-art for the boot process should look like) and a BootScripts dir.

in that dir one find:

BootUp: a list of things to start on all boots.

Console: what to start if the machine is to boot into a command line login.

Graphic: what to start if its a X based login.

Shutdown: generic tasks for dealing with all kinds of correct shutdowns.

Halt: what to do when shutting down.

Reboot: what to do on a reboot.

some daemons are packaged with Task scripts that minic init.d ones, so that they can be started and stopped with StartTask and StopTask. both of those can be used in bootup and shutdown.

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