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Linux "Where is Linux the most popular, and where are the different Linux distributions the most popular?". Pingdom has taken a stab at answering this question using the Google Insights for Search. Read on for our observations on the results.
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by netpython on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 05:04 UTC
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Nowhere there is a sign of china, remarkable.

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RE: China
by B12 Simon on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 09:59 in reply to "China"
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I'm guessing China's low position is due to Google being less popular over there - they have their own search engine.

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RE: China
by agrouf on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 10:05 in reply to "China"
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That's because they pick only western distros. In China, there are a lot of distros that are specifically tuned to the chinese language, like red flag linux. Linux is more than Mandriva, red hat, suse and debian. In Japan, they must use Turbo linux or something like that. There are many localized distros everywhere. Anyway, those kind of statistics are always inherently flawed and I never take them seriously. It's just for fun.

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RE: China - Google China
by jabbotts on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 12:41 in reply to "China"
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Google may be keeping the data collected from the China servers seporate. With broken telephone flow of information across the firewall of China, who knows..

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RE: China
by toogreen on Sat 23rd Aug 2008 15:33 in reply to "China"
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China LOVES Microsoft and Bill Gates. Even if most of them use 1$ pirated copies, they'd use Windows way before Linux. I know, I live there.

Sad isn't it. The government has even tried to push it onto the public by selling computers in big chains with Red Flag Linux, but nobody wanted it.

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