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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris How does OpenSolaris, Sun's effort to free its big-iron OS, fare from a Linux user's point of view? Is it merely a passable curiosity right now, or is it truly worth installing? Linux Format takes OpenSolaris for a test drive, examining the similarities and differences to a typical Linux distro.
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Comment by kvarbanov
by kvarbanov on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 08:19 UTC
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Solaris is bad. Period. Why bother creating another useless piece of OS, claiming to be this and that ? Solaris lacks most of the good features that other OSes have, Linux and *BSD family, it's hard to find and install needed software, shall you need something additionally installed, you're probably gonna miss some development libraries. Using it for Desktop / Workstation ? No, thanks, I've tried that, there's no KDE ;) Even with GNOME, it will still crash when just changing the hostname, LOL. It's relatively slow compared to OpenSuSE 11.0 and KDE 3.5.9 for example.
Server applications ? Again, no thanks, again. Simple benchmarks on the same reveal ~ 60% degradation over Linux and BSD.
In short, I wouldn't trust this OS for anything.
P.S. Reading your comments, it seems that ZFS is the only good thing, soon I believe it will be ported for other OSes.

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RE: Comment by kvarbanov
by Phobos on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 12:12 in reply to "Comment by kvarbanov"
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you want KDE in opensolaris?.. go get belenix

It's not hard at all to install any software, you just need a little common sense... it's going to be Synaptic-easy when IPS is ready, don't worry.

60% degradation?.. may I inquire what are your sources for these numbers?.. hardware, tests and everything else in the package...

If you don't like it, that's ok, but don't go around spreading false information

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